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Confusion is good. Being uncomfortable is also good. Because soon after the confusion and discomfort, starts growth – be it professional or personal. And growth is exciting, because it allows one to experience newer and challenging episodes in life and profession. It may not always be that we are aware of these facts, but, one can have access to these facts and even deeper levels of awareness, if there is somebody to guide one to such levels.

Coach – a guide who opens doors of deeper and greater awareness for you. A friend who wants you to realise that you can move to the next level. A philosopher who will help you to frame your own philosophy for growth founded on an ethical platform. An angel who guards you from pitfalls by helping you to chart out your own course..

Coaching is about putting forward the right questions, so that you wear your thinking hat and become aware that the answers are within you. You will realise that the direction will be set by yourself, because the plans are generated by your mind and you are in control. Being in control is good, because by being in control you will walk the extra mile to claim your destiny, to level next!

I have always believed that having a coach is like having someone to give you a third person view of your progress towards your goals. As you are engrossed in taking action, you are so focused on the execution part. Thus a coach becomes a beacon of light helping you find your way in the clutter of activities. Incidentally, a coach need not be an expert!! But he sure can extract expertise from the "coachee" with the objective of moving from the present state to a desired state. A coach can also facilitate induction of a 'state of mind' where one becomes more resourceful and creative.

A coach provokes you to think in dimensions in which you would never had thought that you could think, to generate ideas and pathways that are unique to you. A coach helps you clear your viewfinder and helps you to focus on the task/goal at hand by cutting out the noise around. Sometimes, even when you don't believe in yourself, a coach believes in you and keeps telling you that you can.

A coach will help you to create well defined outcomes which are unique to you. As you do this, the coach will help you to find out if the goals are properly anchored to different areas of your life. Once this is done, you are sure that the goal and the timeline that you set, are well within your control and you will ensure that required action is taken so that you start moving forward and beyond to achieve your goal.

Allow yourself to be coached by a certified and licenced coach, who is accredited to the International Association of Professional Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists and also a member of SNLP (Society of NLP).

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