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Know your learning style

1. What kind of book would you like to read for fun?

A book with lots of pictures in it
A book with lots of words in it
A book with word searches or crossword puzzles

2. What are you most likely to remember about new people you meet?

Their face but not their name
Their name but not their face
What you talked about with them

3. You're out shopping for clothes, and you're waiting in line to pay. What are you most likely to do while you are waiting?

Look around at other clothes on the racks
Talk to the person next to you in line
Fidget or move back and forth

4. When you see the word "cat," what do you do first?

Picture a cat in your mind
Say the word "cat" to yourself
Think about being with a cat (petting it or hearing it purr)

5. What's the best way for you to learn about how something works (like a computer or a video game)?

Get someone to show you
Read about it or listen to someone explain it
Figure it out on your own

6. What do you find most distracting when you are trying to study?

People walking past you
Loud noises
An uncomfortable chair

7. When you are angry, what are you most likely to do?

Put on your "mad" face
Yell and scream
Slam doors

8. When in a new place, how do you find your way around?

Look for a map or directory that shows you where everything is
Ask someone for directions
Just start walking around until you find what you're looking for

9. When you hear a song on the radio, what are you most likely to do?

Picture the video that goes along with it
Sing or hum along with the music
Start dancing or tapping your foot

10. What do you like to do to relax?

Listen to music
Exercise (walk, run, play sports, etc.)

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What you will Learn

  • Identifying goals and how to achieve them
  • Raising self-awareness in order to make more confident and positive choices
  • Improving career growth
  • Changing habits related to healthy living
  • Establishing, growing, and maintaining successful relationships
  • Overcoming barriers, including self-limiting thinking and habits
  • How to build rapport with others easily
  • How to become a Powerful speaker
  • How to take control of your emotional state, and achieve more success

Who will benefit?

If you are a salesperson: You will learn how to communicate effectively with your clients.

If you are a parent: Learn how to guide your children to a better future.

For business owners and supervisors: Learn the various techniques required to increase business sales and increase staff motivation.

For employees: Understand how to better control your emotions and interact effectively with other employees.

For students: Understand how to feel confident, and get better grades.

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Creating Excellence

Day 1 :

Session 1 - The objective : To help the participants have a resourceful state of mind for better productivity.

  • Being aware of one’s state of mind.
  • What is resourceful state of mind?
  • How to move from an unresourceful state to a resourceful one?

Session 2 – The objective : To give the participants an insight of how communication can be distorted and how we get misguided.

  • Activities to exhibit distortion, deletion and generalisation of reality.
  • And how this affects our behaviour.

Session 3 – The objective : To make the participants understand and be aware of the brand backup they have.

  • A creative activity to work around and realise the power of the brand they are associated with.

Session 4 – The objective : To make participants be aware of their self – attitude, personal values etc., and how it creates an impact.

  • What is Value?
  • How to identify ones Value.
  • Activity based session to help participants identify various forms attitude.
  • How attitude creates various frames of mind.
  • And How this impacts our resourcefulness.
  • We would apply an instrument to help understand one’s interpersonal behaviour orientation.

Day 2 :

Session 1 – Goal setting.

  • How to set goals and how to develop a time line plan to achieve them. This will be purely job oriented.

Session 2 – Prioritisation and time management.

  • Some simple techniques to effectively use their time and be productive.

Session 3 – Summarise and arriving at Take-home points.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is often referred to as "The Art and Science of Excellence", and is a powerful approach, which explores the relationship between how we think (Neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (Linguistic), and our patterns of behaviors and emotions (Programming).

We invite you to attend our workshop to break free of whatever it is that is holding you back from achieving your Dreams and Goals. Just like Roger Federer, Pitbull, Sachin Tendulkar, and Tiger Woods, we are ALL brilliant inside. NLP helps us find our brilliance.

Upon completion of this course, an International Diploma in NLP ( NLP Coaching Academy and IAPCCT ) will be provided.

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