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Success Unlimited delivers the best teachers training program uniquely designed for the educationists and learning facilitators. These programs give a contemporary insight to the teachers and hence equip them with the modern day knowledge, attitude and skills to strengthen their presentation in class. Course modules are built around the concepts of cognitive, social and emotional development of students.

Training modules covered under teachers training are as follows

Self Awareness 

  • Personality types
  • Characteristics of each Personality type 
  • My Strengths and My Weaknesses
  • My Mission Statement   

The Inner Child awakening 

  • The Journal and Box 
  • Reviewing the past 
  • Correlation between the past and present 
  • Exploration of my real dream 
  • My Vision Board 
  • My Expectation Exercise

Understanding the minds of children aged 2 yrs to 5yrs 

  • The mental make up 
  • The left and right side of the brain 
  • Perception of a Kindergartener 
  • Role Modelling 
  • Interpersonal Cognitive Problem Solving and Goals of Kindergarten

Fostering Interpersonal skills in Students 

  • Understanding the importance of Empathy , Listening ,and Communicating 
  • Comprehending self-esteem, independence and cooperative skills in students  
  • Engaging young adults  in interesting, appropriate experiences that integrate social, emotional, intellectual,

and physical development. 

  • ┬áPlan at Self control of behaviour with adult guidance.
  • Promoting the ability to resolve problems among themselves with a minimum of adult direction 

Learning Outcomes  & Higher Order Thinking Skills 

  • Educational objectives and Blooms taxonomy 
  • Understanding Learning Styles 
  • Importance of Emotions in learning

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